Could you handle
an infinity upon 
 the Wizardess' (tm) broomstick?

Infinite Lightburst [Book title]

A Literary Erotic Prison, premiering by the witch, NotStung

Constellations (tm) Series

#2: Infinite Lightburst

Genesis Paralysis

Evelynn had a chance at a new life, but spent it on the wizardess.

Instead of reconciling himself, his new gender, his broken relationship, and his dissatisfying job, he sought the witch's kidnapping.

What he finds is that his madam, Eve, will get to enjoy all his fun.

Madam Eve is rewarded by being the wizardess' special child, adopted right before her father's eyes to give birth to her stellar destiny.

Did I say her "father?" Perhaps that's only how Madam Eve saw her old life. Evelynn could do nothing but sit and watch himself unlock for NotStung.

Did I say nothing? Well, he wished to take her place, and NotStung rewards this.

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You and your eyes, my   salacious   readers!

See Evelynn blinded by the brilliance of universes birthed inside his madam!





A Split Audience

Madam Eve

The prison Madam Eve is escaping is her old home. She is not long for her world, ready to leave mortal drama behind, and itching to be stretched taffy-thin upon the wishes of NotStung. The house she imagined her childhood home revealed itself as a prison, meant to hide her from the witch's galactic piloting.

Her heart pulses with the magic of the witch, and her loins hunger to reunite with the wizardess. She knows NotStung might come to steal her upon the moment of any breath. Eve finds joy in NotStung and desecrating her old life however the witch wishes. If this means forgetting her boyhood and being lifted by the brim of a skirt, she's as high as a cloud.

Nothing will stand between her, not even her father. She even forgot that the man she imagined to be her father was herself.

Was there never any difference between the two?



Taken to a sideshow of depravity, he is betrayed. He is betrayed not by the witch herself, but by his own needs for her.

Immediately upon accepting NotStung inside him, the two are consummated throughout eternity. From the current of power flowing through Lynn, Madam Eve leaps to life inside and seizes him like her grip upon his reins. But how could Lynn understand Eve's twisted eternity when he witnesses NotStung moment by moment?

He finds how far he could be bent. Down the stairs before him, in a house foreign to him, he is claimed to be a girl's father. This girl, though claiming Lynn is his father, was created by and for NotStung. This girl is Madam Eve: birthed by NotStung, wed to NotStung, and birthing NotStung. And she is—or was—Lynn.

Lynn is imprisoned and tortured by the surrender he sought. He is destined to release Eve, destined to unrestrainable sympathy for Eve, and destined to become Eve.

Yet he can never be her.

What Just Happened?

NotStung is a dimensional lord. She can bend reality, time, and relationships within her nature.

But there is no point in doing this without disorienting her toy, again and again. If Evelynn can't tell which way is up, he learns it in how Madam Eve is falling.

Evelynn's very identity was compromised to create Madam Eve, and yet there is nothing but honesty in his madam. Evelynn comes from a different world than his madam.

Evelynn knew a world where NotStung's power was fiction. Madam Eve knew a world where the wizardess claiming her was only a matter of time. Madam Eve was ready, and waiting.

Evelynn was never NotStung's child, but Madam Eve is a child of NotStung's universe.

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Being betrayed!

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